For the benefit and protection of all our guests, we ask for the following:


* Proof of current veterinary administered Rabies and 3-way vaccinations or equivalent titers are required. For maximum coverage and protection for your kitty, we suggest immunizations be administered two weeks prior to vacationing.

* All guests must be free of any contagious conditions and arrive free of fleas. If not, we will treat with a flea treatment. Note: additional charges apply.

* We gladly accept cats three months of age and older and require that all guests over six months of age be spayed or neutered.

* Please remove all collars prior to check in.

* We ask that you use a travel-safe carrier such as plastic or soft-sided versus the one-time use cardboard style when arriving and departing.

*Reservations are required.

*A $40.00 deposit is required to hold your room, The Grand Suite requires a $60.00 deposit. The deposit is refundable with proper notice of cancellation (we typically credit the kitty’s account). 

*Reservations during peak season require 7 days’ notice. Peak season is:  May 15 – November 1.

*Reservations during holidays require 14 days’ notice. Holidays are: President’s day weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, Fourth of July Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, November 20 – 30, and December 20 – January 5.

*Reservations during nonpeak, nonholiday times require 3 days’ notice. 

*For stays greater than 14 days, we require 50% of the estimated fees at the time of check-in.

*Early departures or late arrivals regardless of season will require a three-day notice. If three-day notice is not given, charges for entire scheduled stay will be due at check out.

*No shows will be charged for the entire reservation.

*Please note our check out time is 11 a.m. Afternoon checkouts are charged for that night. Full payment is required at time of check-out.

*Shorter stays are welcome, however there is a three-night minimum charge which covers our Mousekeeping Services.

* We accept personal check, cash or credit cards. A small additional fee applies to all credit card transactions. Additional fees do not apply to cash or checks. Thank you for supporting our small and local business! Full payment is required at time of pick up.

*  We will only release cat(s) to their owners unless you’ve give us authorization in advance to release your cat(s) to family or friends.

*  Of course we hope your cat will not need to see a veterinarian during his or her stay. If the need should arise, we would first notify the emergency contact. If the emergency contact is not available or the situation is grave, we would contact your veterinarian. If your veterinarian is unavailable, one of the community on-call veterinarians will be contacted. Costs incurred for veterinary care will be collected at the end of your cat’s stay. Kitty taxi travel charges apply.

*  If your kitty is taking a medication, please know that we only administer medication as prescribed by a veterinarian and as indicated on the original container. Bring the medication in the original container with the current and correct instructions. If the dosage has changed from what is printed on the container, please have your veterinarian mail or email us the most current instructions. Also if administering pills, please make sure they are in the quantity needed (i.e. if we are to administer one half tablet, please bring the pills already cut into one half tablets). Please send along additional medication in case your trip is unexpectedly extended.