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Rene VanDyk Ness said: Our kitty, Birchwood, just returned home from a 5 week stay at Cat Nap Inn. Kolleen and her staff were so wonderful to work with as we were in the final stages of building a house and our timeline was continually changing. The flexibility of extending his stay was so appreciated and we are so grateful for the loving care and attention he received. We also enjoyed receiving a weekly update on how he was doing and detailed information about his week. We highly recommend Cat Nap Inn! The Ness Family


Shadra Zane said: This is the most amazing place we have ever found for caring for our babies! We’ve been taking our kitties to Cat Nap Inn for nearly 11 years, and never worry about them during our absences, as Kolleen and her employees are extremely attentive to their needs and keep us constantly apprised of their individual well-being when we are away. I could not imagine a better home away from home for our beloved pets!



Pamela Harriman said: Our boys Calvin and Cooper love staying here so much that whenever we are planning to go away this is the first reservation we make and after this reservation is secured, we make our other plans. Thank you so much for being available and for providing for our sweet boys. We have confidence that they’ll be safe and should they become ill we know that we’ll get a phone call in order to secure our permission for treatment. Thank You. Bill & Pamela Harriman


Karen Clibon said: My curious and active big kitty Henry is much more calm and less disoriented when he stays at Cat Nap Inn (we call it Catnip Inn to ourselves) while i am away. He is gregarious, loves people, and is curious about other animals. All that alone time at home with a pet-sitter coming by once a day made him bored and mischievous, and little bit bad. The Cat Nap Inn is careful with pest and disease control, and watches him for urinary problems, and i feel confident and relaxed with him there, so it is good for me, too!



Pam Pontious said: Sylvester and Oreo love to stay with you guys. You spoil them! LOL We always know that the boys will be well-cared for. You go the extra mile to take care of Oreo when his chronic issues flare up. Thank you Kolleen and staff.


Deb Slater said: One day my sister and I were dropped off at Cat Nap Inn. We didn’t know where our mom was going, and, at first, we were a little skittish about the whole thing (Etta especially), but when we realized we would be getting one on one attention, yum yum yummy treats like pumpkin (yes, I said PUMPKIN), our litter box scooped every day, AND windows to look out with birds to watch, we were in heaven. We’re happy that mom is back, but if we can go to Cat Nap Inn again, it won’t be too soon. – James Slater (dictated by “mom” Deb Slater)



Janine Ceja said: Just really thankful for a place like the Cat Nap Inn, Kolleen and her crew are just exceptional, she really provides top of the line care, with attention to diet and surroundings and everything in between, The Humane Society of Skagit Valley had to look into Cat Nap Inn’s services and she was amazing. THANK YOU Kolleen and staff!!!!


Cathy Gorden Riddle said: Our cat has been coming to Cat Nap since she was a kitten. She is 13 years old and still has her vacations with colleen & staff:)



Pamela Harriman said: If you are loved by a feline(s) and you need a safe, secure and loving accommodation for your much-loved furr ball, please check out this inn. Your kitties will thank you.


JoAnn Ardrey Webster said: Our cats love the Cat Nap Inn. Kolleen spoils them rotten – when they get home they let us know that they miss all the love and attention.



Joyce Hale said: Our Max and Maggie thought their 40-day stay was purrfection. Kolleen and her staff pampered them. We highly recommend the Cat Nap Inn.


Catherine Lundvall Charles said: Could not be more thankful for the excellent care given to our cat. Highly recommended!

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J. M. said: WONDERFUL facility! Kolleen and Kristen are SO organized, it’s great. My big guy stayed over Thanksgiving weekend. It was our first time using Cat Nap Inn and it was great. Kolleen showed me the entire facility and even included letting me know of their escape route in case of an emergency, which I really appreciated. I was impressed at how thorough she was in checking my cat for fleas, etc. It’s great that she actually cares about all of the cats that will be in contact, and her staff. And all of the individual cat islands, etc. are great and spacious and extremely reasonably priced.
Highly, highly, highly recommend.


Steve L. said: took our cat bojangles here for the first time while we were in vegas, she was there 5 days and the place seems really great for cats, if you value care and accommodations this place is a must!