Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a legally permitted cat boarding facility?

Yes! Cat Nap Inn is the only legally permitted cat boarding facility in Whatcom and Skagit Counties.
Here at Cat Nap Inn we take our responsibility to host your cat seriously. Not only will your kitty be safe and comfortable, you can rest assured s/he will be staying in a fully permitted, legally licensed facility. Before we even opened back in 1999, we went through three years of planning. We worked with local governments and received support from neighbors and customers at our public hearing. Our facility is not only cat-approved (meow!) but follows, if not exceeds ALL local governmental requirements and regulations. It was a long arduous three years but we believe all our guests deserve a five-star boarding experience and that’s exactly what we provide at Cat Nap Inn.

Can I come for a tour?

Yes! We welcome and encourage your tour during our appointment hours. Please schedule an appointment for your tour. We are committed to your cat’s health and safety, as well as a pleasurable experience for both you and your cat. We are proud to show you our facility. Join us and ask any questions you may have regarding your cat’s “vacation.” Tours are for humans only. We also have a virtual tour available. Come for a tour and receive a complimentary Spoil Me item of your choice!

Is there a HEPA air system?Yes, we have a HEPA air filtration system and each suite is negatively pressurized so cats do not share air!

Have the staff been trained in pet first aid?

Yes, all of our staff have been pet first aid trained and Brenna is a licensed veterinary technician.

Does the facility have smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and carbon monoxide detectors?

Yes, we have smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and a carbon monoxide detector and we change the batteries in our smoke alarms every six months.

What is disinfected in the facility?

Essentially everything that comes into contact with your cat. This includes every inch of the suite in between each guest as well as litter pans, litter scoops, food and water bowls, brushes, and bedding. We also wash our hands in between caring for each guest.

Do the cats have community play time or are they kept separate?

To ensure health, happiness and safety, we do not have community playtime or a community play area. We prefer cats stay in their suites. If we were to let the cats out to roam, it would defeat the purpose of each suite having its own individual ventilation system. Also, we would need to clean and disinfect the floor in between each cat’s ‘outing’, just as we clean and disinfect the suites in between guests. Lastly, while all of our entrances have a double-entry door system, we do not want to chance your kitty sneaking out.

What does the staff do to help shy or first time cats settle in?

We let the cat tell us. Some cats need time and space while others need some extra TLC. Choosing to remain small allows us to provide highly personalized care for our guests. Part of this care is that we always try to match the personality of your feline with the suite he will be staying in so he will enjoy his vacation. For the cats who are shyer, we have suites that are quieter and have lower activity while we also offer higher activity suites for the more outgoing kitties. We also offer privacy screens, hidey huts, and Feliway® if needed to help shy cats become comfortable.

Can I pick my cat up anytime other than appointment hour?

Like all businesses, we must set hours of operation that allow us to perform the tasks needed as well as service our clients. We must not only provide service to our human clients but our kitty clients as well. Additionally, we have parameters of our hours set by our special-use permit. A large part of our work is done before and after ‘appointment hours’. In the interest of our guests’ health and happiness, we have a strict schedule for feeding, tucking in at night, etc. We prefer to adhere to this schedule and not to disturb our guests. We try to balance our clients’ needs, our needs, and being considerate of our neighbors since we are a business located in a rural residential area. Unlike many other professions, we work seven days a week. Our free time allows us to relax and rejuvenate so we may have the energy to properly care for and pamper your cat.

What should I pack?

We ask that you use a travel-safe carrier such as plastic or soft-sided versus the one-time use cardboard style when arriving and departing. You are welcome to bring along your cat’s favorite bed, your pillowcase or a small piece of clothing such as a t-shirt. If it smells like home and/or you, it will help your kitty settle in. While we recommend not laundering the item before your kitty’s visit, we request that all items are washable so we may wash and “freshen” it as needed. You are also welcome to bring along a favorite toy (no strings, ribbons or wand toys please). We also highly recommend bringing a cardboard scratch pad. We request that you leave your cat’s water and food dishes at home. We prefer to use our own dishes.

Can we bring our own food?

Yes, for familiarity and comfort, we prefer to feed your cat’s own food. This helps to avoid an upset stomach and diarrhea cause by a sudden food change. If your cat has special dietary needs we can accommodate that as well. Please write down any special instructions. We even have our own ‘Kitty Kitchen’ where we can prepare special meals.

What premium foods do you offer?

Cat Nap Inn’s House Foods

We offer the following dry foods:
Kirkland Signature™ Super Premium Maintenance Cat Chicken and Rice Formula

We offer the following wet foods:
Fancy Feast® Seafood flavors, pate texture or Friskies variety pack

Are you only caring for the kitties during your lobby hours?

We are here pampering and spoiling our guests throughout the entire day, every day of the week! While our lobby hours for appointments are set and regulated by our Skagit County special-use land permit, we are staffed well beyond these hours as we provide loving care for our guests. Breakfasts start at 6:30 AM and kitties are typically getting tucked in for bed around 7:00 PM. The owner, Brenna Walker, also resides on site, living right next door!

What if a cat becomes ill? Does the facility have their own vet or use the kitty's vet?

We prefer for your kitty to see his own vet that knows him best. If your veterinarian is unavailable, one of the community on-call veterinarians will be contacted.
Can the staff administer medications?

Yes, we can administer medications and insulin injections for a small additional charge. We do need to discuss your kitty’s medical condition or diabetes at the time of initial reservation and we will need a “doctor’s note” stating that staying with us will not compromise his health. We administer veterinary medications as prescribed. Please bring medications in the original container.
What do your rates include?

Our accommodation rates include boarding, play/love sessions, premier food and litter. Complimentary services available upon request include catnip, and/or wheat grass. We also offer an array of additional services.
Do you offer discounts?

While we do not offer discounts, we do offer a simple and predictable rate system. There are no ‘surprises’ when you check out. We do not charge more for weekends or during our peak season. Our rates are the same year round. For all kitties who found their forever home from the local rescue groups we partner with, we offer one free night and a free item from our Spoil Me menu (while boarding). Please let us know at time of reservation.
Come for a tour and receive a complimentary Spoil Me item of your choice!
What form of payment do you take?

We accept personal check, cash or credit cards. A small additional fee applies to all credit card transactions. Additional fees do not apply to cash or checks.
Thank you for supporting our small and local business!