Here at Cat Nap Inn, we love cats! We speak meow. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable about cat behavior and devoting ourselves to providing the best personalized care for all of our guests. Through hard work and dedication, we strive to give both feline and parent a positive and rewarding experience. Our care and affection ensures all cats are well loved and pampered during their vacation!

Kolleen Fox, Owner

Kolleen Fox (pictured here with frequent guest Simon)

Kolleen opened the Cat Nap Inn facility in November of 1999.

Kolleen graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Western Washington University, attended The American Boarding Kennel Association’s Buying, Building and Operating Seminar and traveled five states and Canada touring other boarding facilities prior to opening Cat Nap Inn. She has completed the American Red Cross Human and Pet First Aid Instructor certification and has attended many, many pet-related trainings ranging from pet massage to natural cat care. She loves learning new things and staying current on cat related and pet care industry topics.

Kolleen shares her home with one dog and three cats. In Kolleen’s spare time she enjoys SCUBA diving, hiking, theatre, traveling, and reading. She also enjoys good wine and considers herself a foodie even though she cannot cook.


Kendra Lee, Cat Care Specialist

Kendra (pictured here with guest, Larry) joined Cat Nap Inn in March of 2016. Kendra has a large animal family including four cats, one raccoon, a family of deer and a twenty-two year old goldfish! In Kendra’s spare time she enjoys raising funds for law enforcement needs, playing the piano, reading and home organizing. She is a PTA executive member and is currently writing a book.


Alexis Ewan, Cat Care Specialist

Alexis (pictured here with guest, Moki) joined us here at Cat Nap Inn in February of 2019. She was born and raised in Bremerton, WA, which is an hour journey from Seattle by ferry. After graduating from Bremerton High School in June of 2018, Alexis moved to Bellingham to attend Western Washington University and study Computer Science and Mathematics.

Alexis has owned cats all her life, and her family has a soft spot for adopting stray kitties. At one point they owned 8 cats, most of which were strays. In her spare time, Alexis has several hobbies, including knitting, crocheting, needle point, painting, puzzles, watching movies with her friends and computer programming. Sadly, Alexis does not have any pets at her dorm, but she has 3 cats back home: Bob, Dirty and Mr. Anderson.

Yulia Gitter, Cat Care Specialist

Yulia (pictured here with guest, Miss Etta) joined Cat Nap in June of 2016, the same month she graduated high school in Austin, Texas and moved to Bellingham to start her college education at Western Washington University. In the Fall of 2018 she transferred to Washington State University and still works at Cat Nap Inn on school breaks.

She was very involved with her local humane society with dogs as well as fostering sick or unsocialized cats so they can find their “forever home.” She grew up surrounded by cats, two of which are her most beloved large orange tabby, Yakima, and a one eyed four toed kitty, Lund. She has always had a love for all animals, especially those that are “different.” She also recently acquired a dog and can not imagine her life without the West Texas mutt. She plans on going into conservation biology for a bachelor’s degree and perhaps then to vet school. Working with large animals of the Savannah and volunteering in South Africa are just a couple of her future hopes.


Kathy Hillier, Cat Care Specialist: Lead

Kathy (pictured here with guest Muni) joined Cat Nap Inn in August of 2018. She has moved around a bit throughout her life. She was born in Minnesota, then moved to Southern California. After graduating from Tesoro High School in Las Flores, California in 2016, she moved to Portland, Oregon. She is currently attending Western Washington University where she is working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-Healthcare Kinesiology. 

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, hiking, and hanging out with friends. She also enjoys volunteering, especially for races such as 5K runs. She is currently a volunteer at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Bellingham. She does not currently have any pets at her apartment, but back in Portland, her family has two cats and three dogs.

Devin Rosales, Cat Care Specialist

Devin (pictured here with guest Rollo) joined Cat Nap Inn in August of
2018. In addition to attending Bellingham High School, Devin has graduated from Northwest Career & Technical Academy’s Running Start Program through the Veterinary Assisting Program. It was there he learned about his true passion for animals. He also learned and is certified in animal first aid! Devin likes being outside and hanging out with his family and friends. He has 4 furbabies: 2 dogs (Keyser & Kobe) 1 cat (Katniss) and 1 Rat (Kilo). Devin aspires to travel around the country and see all different kinds of nature and places. He’s also planning on going back to college to become a Veterinary Technician.